Normal child development by 24 months.

Normal child development by 24 months.

Being aware of the development of your children is one of the most rewarding tasks of being a mother. When you see that your child does something on his own, when you see that he is learning, developing properly, it is one of the most beautiful feelings that can exist.

If you are mommy, like me. And you like to know about the normal development of your children, you are in the right place. In this article I will give you a general guide of normal child development by 24 months, and all the activities that your child should be doing.

It is always important to remember that providing a safe and learning environment is optimal for the proper development of your child.

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So, Ready? We are starting with child development by 24 moths now.

Communication skills.

You might see some points already mentioned in my previous post, child development by 18 months. And the reason for that, is simple. If your child is not doing these activities in this precise period of time, he probably needs more time or more learning to develop certain skills, keep providing that for him. I’ll promise he’ll catch up.

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Your child should be able to point the correct answer if you ask him in short sentences about finding objects, animal etc. Ex: after seeing 2 different pictures, one of a kitty and another of a dog, you must ask, Where is the dog? or Where is the kitty? at least one answer should be correct. If the 2 answers are correct, this can be an indication that your child is above average on learning skills compared to other children of this age.

Help your child to imitate and repeat back to you 2 word or 3 word sentences, such as: Mama eats cake, daddy plays, what’s this?, I like milk etc.
Without giving your child any pointing or using gestures, your child should carry out at least 3 of these kind of directions. Ex: Put the toy on the table, Close the door, Bring me the towel, Find your coat, Take my hand, Get that book etc.

Show your child different pictures of different objects. Does your child call things by its name? Ex: show him a picture of at least 4 different objects and ask him, What is this?. At least 3 answers should be correct.
Your child should be able to express ideas in short sentences. Ex: I see the dog, Mommy came home, All gone, All right, What’s that? etc.

Gross motor.

At 24 months your child should be able to:

Walk down stairs either holding you or holding the wall rail.
Kick a large ball after seeing you with a normal moving the leg forward technique.
Walk up or down stairs without any help at least 2 steps at a time.
Run fairly well, stopping herself without bumping into objects or falling.
Jump with both foot at the same time.

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Fine motor.

Your child should be able to:

Feed himself with a spoon without usually spilling the food out.
Turning pages of a book.
Use technique such as turning motion usually used to turn doorknobs, wind up toys, twist tops, screw lids and off jars.
Flip switches on and off.
Stack small blocks or toys on top of each other by himself.
Drink from a cup, and be able to put it down without spills.

Problem solving.

You might need to show him these following activities, but after he sees you, your child should be able to:

Draw simple lines in any direction on a paper with a crayon or pencil.
Give him a clear bottles with small objects inside. Don’t show him how this activity, but try that he figure out by himself how to take the small objects out of the bottle.
Introduce imaginative playing. Ex: You child can use a cup to put it on his ears to pretend is a phone? or Use a box on his head pretending is a hat. etc.
Your child should be able to put things away where they belong. Ex: Put toys on the toy shelf, Put the blanket on his bed, or dishes on the sink. etc.
If your child wants something that he doesn’t reach, Does he try to look for a chair or something to reach what he wants?
After showing him. Your child should be able to line up multiple objects in a straight line or a row.

Personal-Social skills.

At 24 months your child should be able to:

Copy the activities you do such as: sweep, shave, comb your hair.
When she plays with a stuffed animal, doll or other toys, does your child pretend to rock it, feed him, change diapers, put the toy in bed, among other activities from daily life?
Backing up with other objects toys with steering wheels, for it not to go away.

The overall to consider on child development at 24 months:

At this time you should start watching for developmental issues such as:

Does my child hears well when i talk? If the languaje skill is appropriate for the age, more likely your child hearing is normal.
Do you notice that your child talks like others on his age?
Can you understand the majority of the things that your child says?
Do you think that your child walks, run, or climb the way that others child do at his age?
Do you have any concerns about your child’s vision?
Has you child has any medical problems on the last months?
Does either parents have family history of childhood deafness or hearing impairment?
Do you have any concerns about your child behavior?
Does anything about your child worries you?

If you answer NO to all of these question or the majority of them, then you probably don’t have nothing to worry about. But if you have any concerns, always checking with the pediatric doctor will be the best idea.

In conclusion:

As I always say, having a child is a blessing and a great responsibility. Keeping them healthy and learning is not easy either.
With the correct information you will be able to ensure a normal development for your baby. And always remember if you have doubts consult your doctor.

The activities in this guide are general. If your child does not do these activities yet, you should not worry, but try to help him so that his development stays in line with age. Always remember, it is important to let children develop at their own pace, but providing an educational and safe environment for normal development is crucial.

With this information, I am ending this article. Please share to other mommies that might need help. Stay tuned for more helpful posts like this one subscribing to the blog via email.

Zadi, xo.

Hi, I am Zadi, ultrasound tech, mom of 2 boys and a writer at heart. I write about pregnancy and motherhood!